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Coronavirus: A topic widely discussed the past few months and one that affected the majority of us one way or another. The lockdown caught everyone by surprise. Nobody was prepared for such an outcome. How were we supposed to react under this pressure, under such peculiar circumstances? Nobody had the slightest clue, but that’s also ok.

creativityThe lockdown had its toll on everyone, photo by Aniketh Kanukurthi.

The best way to cope with a situation like this is not by stressing yourself out and not by comparing yourself with others. Just because someone is acting in a specific way, doesn’t mean we all need to follow the same approach. Every one of us is different and is able to handle stress and isolation in a different way.

Either way, whether this first wave was tougher or milder, is a thing of the past (kind of) and we somehow managed to survive. But is this the very ending of it or should we get prepared for a second wave?
In some countries, for instance, the second wave is already a reality! Especially now, during the summer with these high temperatures on the loose, a lockdown could be the worst possible scenario.

But instead of focusing on the bad side, and keep being pessimistic, we can try our best to cope with it the best way we can. So in this article, I will try to provide you some solid tips that helped me a lot during the first lockdown in order to make your life as stress-free and productive as possible, taking into account, of course, the uniqueness of such a situation. 

  • Step 1

Try to stay proactive, even if you were never the athletic type before. Now is a good time for you to explore some new horizons. Step out of your couch onto your yoga matt and put on a simple exercising video for beginners. Exercising helps you by producing endorphins which make you feel happier and more positive in general.

  • Step 2

Change your food habits for the better. Put more fresh fruit and vegetables on your diet and try to eat homemade food on a daily basis. You need to keep in mind that a stable diet with diversity is really beneficial for your health and mood.

  • Step 3

Stay close to your beloved ones even from afar. Just because you cannot meet and interact with them in person doesn’t mean that you need to actually distant yourself. Fortunately, technology is now in a place where almost anything is possible and you can exceed the distance with just a click of a button.
Have video-calls frequently, discuss what’s new in your life, share some laughs, or even play games together with your friends and family. And remember that life is good!

  • Step 4

Listen to some of your favorite music. Music is a major help in cheering you up or even in creating a more serene environment, depending on your mood and what you are aiming for at the time.

  • Step 5

Turn to creativity. The past few months I figured that creativity was the one thing that kept me going. From random sketching, or more detailed drawings to writing down thoughts or stories about past adventures on a diary. Just trying to free your mind through art is always the best way to go.

creativitySketching frees your mind and soul 

In your creative path, you could also go for 3D Printing for a change. A 3D Printer can become one of your favorite tools to enhance your imagination since its possibilities are infinite.
You can create literally anything with it. From small gadgets to jewelry and 3D sculptures or art for your walls. The only thing you need is an idea and then you’re ready to roll!

That’s basically it. My 5-step guide to making the most out of even the worst scenario. Let’s hope that we won’t get there again. But still, even if we do, I believe we are going to be more well-prepared this time, and way more ready.

When life gives you a lockdown, make… original creations. And always remember that the storm will subside, eventually.

If you want to check more fun creations that you can make with your 3D-printer you can check the inspiration section on our website.