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Summer is on its way. Although the weather might still be gray, wet and windy at times, May marks that spring is on its way out and the beautiful summer afternoons are on their way – and that means a new gardening season. How about getting ready to welcome it with some new gadgets printed straight out of your Panther? The green buds start to blossom and your garden needs to be ready so you and your family can bask in the sun and enjoy the bright and warm evenings that are on the way.

Despite the heat, you can already start preparing for the garden season. There are many practical remedies and interesting ideas for the garden that can come straight out of your 3D printer. And with our colored Panther filament, they can give your garden or balcony an exciting and modern touch and add a bit of summer vibes at the same time.

  1. Water dropper

Because of the dry weather and harsh temperatures, your plants may not be getting enough water. If you want to keep an eye on how much water your flowerbeds or pots actually get, you can 3D print water droppers. Either you need just one for your balcony or many smaller ones in your garden, your 3D printer can come to your rescue and make sure they always stay nice and hydrated all season long.

  1. Plant signs

What exactly is in this pot? Have you ever stood there thinking and asking yourself that question when you look at the sprouts in the bed, pot or kitchen garden? How about a simple 3D printed beautiful and weather resistant sign that will forever remind you of what’s waiting to blossom in the ground.

  1. Birdhouse

It’s so nice to see little birds flying around in the garden. This is also true in the off-season, where you can enjoy the view through the window on a gloom day. You can easily 3D print a birdhouse choosing from thousands of great designs and shapes for the garden.

  1. Clips and hooks

Clips and hooks are a must in the garden (and everywhere else as well!) and can be 3D printed quickly. Whether you are printing hooks to hang garden tools, buckets, gloves, pots, lanterns or wires, hooks are great for bringing peace of mind and tidiness in the garden. Clips are also quick to print and very useful for linking spare wires to one another or to make sure your flowers grow all together in the same direction.

  1. Flower pots

We all know that sinking feeling when your favorite pot inadvertently falls on the ground and smashes into a million tiny pieces. Instead of spending countless hours trying to glue it back together, why not look for a design that looks exactly the same (or maybe better!) and print it in a matter of minutes?

Start your summer with your 3D printer and get ready for another lovely Danish garden season with practical 3D prints for the garden.