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Our Story

3DPanther was born in mid 2019 from the desire of its founder to spread the idea that 3D printers are not complicated pieces of machinery that belong in the next century. On the contrary, we want to make sure everyone has access to 3D Printing in their own household and in as little time as possible.

That is why the need for a new and easy-to-use User Interface arose even before the 3D printer itself. Without an intuitive way of letting the Printer know what we want 3d Print, each and every Panther would act like a mere kitty cat.



Creativity is not an elite thing – it’s a human thing. 3D Panthers vision is ´Let creativity loose´ – thats it. Creative people are happy people. Happy people makes the world better. A better world for all of us.



Creativity is not an elite thing – it’s a human thing. 3D Panthers vision is ´Let creativity loose´ – thats it. Creative people are happy people. Happy people makes the world better. A better world for all of us.

Latest Stories

10 Great 3D Printing Projects to Do with Indigo

Clicking on this article means you have either already acquired your own Indigo or contemplating getting one. In the first case, congratulations! You have an all-around great tool by your side, that doesn’t just do the job, but gets through it with flying colors. In the second case, trust me, you are on the right track. 

Five Awesome 3D Printed Art Projects for (Almost) Anyone

What comes to your mind when you think of  3D printers? Technology, sure. Advancement, mmhm.  Endless printing hours and failed prints. Exasperation, frustration, infuriation?  Most likely. Feeling all warm and fuzzy inside when the print ends up looking good? Aww, yiss… 3D Panther, I hope. What else? Well, I don’t know about you, but when I think of 3D printers I think of art and all the possible 3d printed art projects one can recreate. 

The Vegan Steak: How 3D Food Printing Will Change The World

Somewhere in Israel, a group of people decided that they loved meat and animals. There is nothing revolutionary to that as it is. Most of us like to think that we love animals, but we still choose to eat animal products, because, let’s be honest with ourselves, they are just delicious.

Fashion Revolution: 3D Printed Garments

In 2013 Dita Von Teese, a burlesque dancer was the first celebrity who inspired fashion designer Francis Bitonti to make a fully 3D printed dress modelled just for her. She opened the door for the new generation of fashion designs, and 3D printed garments, that became very popular among fashion designers. 3D printed technologies had made a big entrance to the fashion industry, mostly in the haute couture section, where they brought innovations and unique patterns.

3D Printed Food: Revolutionizing The Food Industry

I’m pretty sure you just saw 3d printed food on the title and thought to yourself “Great another clickbait to waste my time!”. But just so you know that’s not quite the case! Technology is in constant progress, nowadays, making it possible for great innovations to occur. The 3d printing field is opening its wings in new territories offering diversity and unique touch even on the food industry itself. 

Best 3D Printing Ideas for Your Home Office

A year ago working from home wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Today, things changed dramatically due to COVID 19 and the lockdown. More and more people are now working from home (becoming even the majority in some countries). Going to work as we did before won’t be possible any time soon, which made us think about home office and what we can do to make it better equipped and more bearable using some of the best 3D printing ideas out there. 

3D Printed Organs: One Step Closer to Breakthrough

Nowadays, 3D printing fever is transmitted widely, gaining more and more ground worldwide. With the press of a button, you can create now whatever comes in your mind. From plastic toys to bicycles, cars, and even concrete houses. 

Science has gotten to the point where almost anything is possible. Now, taking the 3D revolution one step further in exploring and broadening its limits, it is even moving towards medicine and body parts.

With 3D Printed Covid 19 Mask you can save your community

Since the beginning of 2020, our lives have changed significantly. Not only we can not do what we used to before, (like travelling freely, attending big celebrations with friends or going to the cinema), but we also can’t go out without one essential accessory – the 3D printed COVID19 mask. 

3D printer Top 10 facts

You may have already heard of 3D printing, but did you know that they are used in various fields – there are 3D printed bones, 3D printed food, 3D printed plates, and 3D printed car models? 3D printers are getting more and more popular, and we’ll give you more than one reason for that.

50 Shades of 3D Printing: Beginners’ Guide

A brief summary of most of our lives, all year long, would have had most of us on a frame, trying our best, hoping that better days are yet to come. We go to work from nine to five, then back at home to do some chores. We eat in a hurry, go to sleep and wake up the next day and do the same things on repeat. At some point, we even forget how to actually feel alive and we compromise for the middle point, thinking it’s not worth it to go after our “elusive” dreams.

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