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3D printing allows you to create your own custom design. From scratch.

Think of the “one-size-fits-all” products: owning a 3D printer would allow you to create your own custom inventions. The only limit is your imagination: The cost is much lower than you might think and the softwares available today make it a walk in the park to design anything. 3D printing is not only used to create fun gadgets and toys, but also for solving everyday problems.

Every household wants to be unique.

Think about your kitchen, where your drawers and cupboards hold all of your utensils in countless shapes and colors. Your dearest plate with just the right rounding slips off your hand and shatters into a thousand pieces. And to add insult to injury, you find out it is no longer being made. Fortunately, you just bought a 3DPanther printer. With a quick browse through all the available designs, you are able to find the exact shape you want your plate to be and in a matter of a few hours it has been printed, good as new. You can even choose a different color and/or material.

Or for instance, you have been trying so hard to find the perfect towel rail to fit your bathroom, but could not find the right match. Maybe you’re missing a small spare part for your otherwise well-functioning high pressure coil – or maybe all you need is a stand that can hold your iPad at a comfortable angle while cooking. All this can be printed out in 3D according to your wishes, and it is much cheaper and faster than having to go to different retailers.

The future looks bright with 3D printing technology.

With 3D printing technology, the future looks bright. 3D printing is already widely used in construction and can significantly reduce both the time and cost of producing walls and masonry. This gives both industry and private consumers access to specially developed solutions without having to turn to expensive middlemen, who often have to take a substantial slice of the cake. We will therefore experience far more unique buildings, and we will surround ourselves with more comfortable things because they actually meet our needs – both functionally and, equally important, aesthetically. A particular advantage of 3D printing is that you can design things for yourself and others in your own unique style. That way you and your designs stand out from the crowd of mass-produced solutions. When you meet with friends and family, your creativity will become the natural focus of conversation.

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