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A year ago working from home wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Today, things changed dramatically due to COVID 19 and the lockdown. More and more people are now working from home (becoming even the majority in some countries). Going to work as we did before won’t be possible any time soon, which made us think about home office and what we can do to make it better equipped and more bearable using some of the best 3D printing ideas out there. 

Sometimes, working from home isn’t easy, because we don’t have all the supplies we had in our regular working environment. Yes, we can buy them in the store or order them online, but we can also make them using 3D technology and choose differently tailored designs for much-needed items. 

In these challenging moments, some of the 3D printing essentials can make your life easier. As we mentioned earlier, you don’t have to go outside. Just use the 3D printer designs to print a few essentials for your home office.

Now, let us imagine how one working day might look like while working from home. What do you need to have around you? We prepared a short guide for you with all the 3D printed essentials that you might need

The clock is ticking. Keep doing excellent work!


7.00 AM


Rise and Shine!

Your 3D printed alarm clock has just rung, and you are about to start your day. Now, this is a real treat for any tech geek out there, because this clock combines clean design with simple functionalities. You just need to press one button, whether you want to set it up or turn it off. Simplicity is the best operating mode in the morning.


8.00 AM


Save Your Keyboard from the Spilling Out

Good morning sleepyhead! The sun is up, and you need your morning dose of caffeine. And if you are, for some reason, one of those rare people who don’t drink coffee in the morning, you can still have some tea or water instead.
Either way, if you want to avoid stains on your desk from whatever drink you decide to accompany your breakfast with, you will need a coaster. Coasters always come in handy, if you don’t want to end up with spilled liquid all over the place. Use the coaster, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.


9.00 AM


Solution for an Organised Day

The first meeting of the day is starting, so it would be best if you took notes from your colleague’s presentation. If you don’t want to lose pencils all over the place, one practical pen holder would be an excellent addition for you. Luckily, you only need just a couple of hours to 3D print it yourself, and it will be ready for you during the night.

The one we’re suggesting is not only a pen but also a phone holder. This 2 in 1 practical elephant-shaped item on your desk, has multiple functions. How about watching quick YouTube videos about more 3D printing ideas for the office on your midday break? 

Use one of our 3D printing ideas and you’ll never lose a pen again.


11.00 AM


This Item Will Make Your Life Easier

The next meeting you had scheduled, will start in a minute and you need your headphones quickly. You can find them fast on the shelf, hanging, because you already printed a headphone hook with your  3D printer. 


3.00 PM


A Tool for Creative Content

For your next assignment, you’ll need a tripod. This tool can come in handy if you have some coaching sessions, if you’re filming a video or a tutorial. In such situations, it’s crucial to have the best possible angle for your camera or phone. 

3D printed gear: Everything you need to make beautiful photos.


4.00 PM


The Idea that Saves Your Time

We saved the best task for the ending. For this one, you’ll need an SD memory card with the photos you took last week, and now it’s time to edit them. The one thing we love the most about creative work is that it relaxes us and gives us a feeling that we’re not working. However, creating fun and worthy content isn’t possible without useful tools. 

Those tools, like SD cards – we need to know exactly where we keep them; otherwise, we might end up losing track of them. So another addition to your holders’ collection could be an SD cardholder. Everything you need in one place, waiting for your creativity to storm out. 


6.00 PM


Bonus 3D Printing Idea 

Finally, your working day is over, and you can go for a run around the block. Is there any better way to stay healthy and in shape during these strange times? Probably not.

For this activity, you’ll need your favourite playlist, earphones and your earphone holder, that will keep them untangled, and you are ready to go! Enjoy your time focusing on yourself and keep breathing.


If you want to check out more fun creations that you can make with your 3D printer, you can check the inspiration section on our website. 

Have a great day and always remember to ROAARR!