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You may have already heard of 3D printing, but did you know that they are used in various fieldsthere are 3D printed bones, 3D printed food and, 3D printed plates? 3D printers are getting more and more popular, and we’ll give you more than one reason for that. Let’s see the most fun 3D printer top 10 facts. 

First of all, there are practically no limits to your imagination when you’re creating something by using 3D printers. Second of all, there are no boundaries! So you can make even a printed car or something as big as a house. Maybe, you want to make a unique cake mould or statue of a real person – from the smallest objects to the biggest one you can imagine, 3D printers are very powerful and can make anything you need.

Want to learn more about this topic? Keep reading and find out 3D printer Top 10 facts and uses.


1st Fact (the Mind-blowing One): 3D Printed Food for Cancer Patients

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen are working on a project that will make the process of preparing food for cancer patients a lot more accessible than it was before. This 3D printed food project is a real game-changer for patients who are having trouble with swallowing, decreased appetite, and nausea.  When they eat, they should have a portion of nutritious food that tastes good, and it’s easy to digest. Now, with the 3D printed food, they’ll have that.

The meals that are prepared for the patients are tailored for the individual needs of each one of them. The whole process is now automated, which makes things a lot more simple both for the staff at the hospital as well as for the patients.


2nd Fact (the Life-changing One): Medical Students Are Doing Surgery on 3D Printed Bones

Orthopaedic surgeons in the USA (San Francisco) can now use a replica of the bones, to practice, learn, and improve their skills before they even get to the surgical table.

Using scans of actual patients, they can make 3D printed bones for every individual, which helps them to take a personal approach to every patient and his surgery. This way, they can practice their procedures and become more precise and accurate. Besides that, being able to see, hold and rotate a patient’s bone, helps them to take another perspective and see, from another angle, some new way of a possible solution, which couldn’t be seen from the flat screen.

3D printed bone

3D printer Top 10 facts:  A student holding a 3D printed replica of bones

3rd Fact (the Creative One): Cafes Having Unique Service

Your 3D food experience isn’t only limited to the food you eat. Even though we like tasty food, we find it very important how it is served. Sometimes chefs and staff in the restaurants spend hours and hours deciding what plates and silverware will be used for their guests. In the new, 3D world, everything will be faster, and your plates could be made that morning, and your food will be served on them for dinner.

One more thing that you’ll love is that your 3D plates will probably be edible. That makes things, both more effortless but also environmentally conscious.


4th Fact (the Moving One): Disabled Dog Can Finally Run Thanks to His 3D Printed Legs

Derby is a dog who was born with weak and underdeveloped front legs. Running was almost an impossible activity for him because even if he tried that, he would scratch his face or fall. His best chance was the new generation of 3D printed prosthetic legs that transformed his life for good.

Now, he runs every day for miles, and his life seems to be fun and happy. Finally, he can run, enjoy, and play every day like any other dog. Seeing his content is the best way to show the impact of 3D printing on every aspect of life.


5th Fact (the Practical One): You Can Print a Car

Did you know that now you can print a car? Yes, there are 3D printed car models all around us. Something so sophisticated can be made on a 3D printer, isn’t that great? That is the fact number five of 3D printer Top 10 facts.

In the James Bond movie “Skyfall”, the famous 1960s classic Aston Martin DB5 – was one of the three existing 3D printed car models created with a 3D printer. To ensure that the Aston Martin was as detailed as possible, and to integrate numerous functions into the film models, they decided on an assembly consisting of a total of 18 individual components.

James Bond’s 3D printed car was put through a series of massive explosions and stunts during the filming of Skyfall, including one scene which saw the priceless vehicle explode in flames. The invaluable model used in the first James Bond film, however, remained unscratched.

James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 

6th Fact (the Scientific One) 3D Printing in Space

Astronauts know well that the 3D printers are not only made for use on our planet. This game-changing technology is offering many advantages for creating tools and printed habitat for living on Mars or the Moon. Besides, 3D printing without gravity is a whole new level of opportunities.

NASA is using 3D printers in space. They sent, for instance, one to the International Space Station to help their astronauts with making spare parts if they ever need one. After several severe and tragic accidents in space, NASA thought that this kind of help would have a good impact on astronauts’ safety and help them print small or big elements that can save lives.


7th Fact (the Historically Important One): a Re-Creation of the Palmyra Arch

If you’re an art lover or someone that truly appreciates ancient art, this information will make you see the 3D printing in a whole new light. You’re going to enjoy it even more.

We all remember 2015 when the terrorist organization, ISIS, destroyed Palmyra Arch, a historical art piece that originates from the 3rd century and is on UNESCO’s list of world heritage. CONCR3DE is a 3D printing service that uses concrete to print various objects, and they made this arch to make art accessible to everyone and spread the word about the importance of ancient art.


8th Fact (the Game-changing One): Unbreakable Guitar

In 1968, Pete Townsend (The Who), smashed his guitar and ever since that moment, doing that became an iconic part of rock and roll culture. Now, we all know, or at least we can assume how expensive guitars are, so finding some solution for them and keeping ‘the smashing’ part of the ritual, seems like a win-win and a ‘dream come true’ situation for any rock star.

One of those stars, Yngwie Malmsteen, guitarist from Sweden, asked Sandvik Group to make the world’s first unbreakable guitar, made out of laser-printed titanium for him. This material formed the guitar both durable and light. At the first concert he played, everything except the guitar was smashed.


9th Fact (the Dreamy One): 3D Printing Can Produce “Impossible” Shapes

As we already saw, 3D printers can produce a large variety of products, materials, and shapes. But, did you know that they can produce optical illusions?

In a video made by Crazy Russian Hacker‘, you can see some fascinating objects that can change their look based on the position you’re taking while watching them.

If you need something new for your balcony or the garden, you can check our blog-post about decorating and improving your green oasis. You can find some handy ideas in our guide, but also some very unusual shapes that can give a new look to your favourite space.

The only limitation is your own imagination 

10th Fact (a Sustainable One): Water Filters Made by 3D Printers

What we love about 3D printers is the fact that they can produce everyday life products used by every one of us. Among many others, like pens, various holders or cooking tools, we find water filters the most useful.

One more research that impressed us at the University of Duquesne is using 3D printed filament impregnated with calcium carbonate to filter fluoride out of water. In this research, we found out that the small amounts of fluoride are being removed from the water, without passing any of it on the filament.

They will continue to work on the improvement of these filters to remove as much fluoride as possible, by changing the internal shape of the screen.


Did these 3D printer Top 10 facts inspire you?

We’re happy if the answer is YES because that means that you are creative and visionary with the ideas that can inspire humanity, just like those facts already have.

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