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What is so great about a 3D Printed house?

Forget your conventional estates. Forget having others design the layout for your home. Would you like to have a bathtub in the middle of your living room? Why not. A second kitchen close to your bed? With a 3D Printed house, the only limit is your imagination.

Evolution of 3D Printing

You would not believe what a machine as big as a microwave can create. In this era of digital innovation and creativity, 3D Printers are becoming a must-have in every house for their limitless exploitation and flexibility. But what if the house you are living in was actually 3D Printed itself?

The development of three-dimensional “printers” that can create structures fast and cheaply has the prospect of revolutionizing construction. Long gone are the times when houses cost a fortune and it took lots of money and luck to find the perfect one. By 2040 it is estimated that roughly 50% of all the houses in the USA will be 3D Printed.

3D Printing and the contruction industry

3d printed house can make you happy

Building companies may be reluctant to give up hammers and saws and pick up 3D Printers. But the gains are undoubtedly very appealing. A broader use of such technology opens up a world of possibilities to reduce building time and human effort. 3D Printing a shed in your back garden, a fountain for your courtyard or indeed your whole house might just be one push of a button away — cutting down on effort and potential injury.

And what about the relief this could bring to the ones that are not lucky enough to have their own home anymore, due to natural disasters? All it would take is 3D Printers, and before we know it the houses would be back where they once were.


Of course, this might sound a bit too good to be true. Partly, it is. Until laws regulating this technological leap are not set in stone, it is hard to say what could be real and what could be fantasy. But think about the latest home revolutions that hit us, such as the “Smart Home”. Who would have thought we could be able to operate our fridge, microwave and air conditioning via our smartphone just 5 years ago?

Would you live in a 3D Printed house? Or maybe you already do? Let us know what you think down below.