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Since the beginning of 2020, our lives have changed significantly. Not only we can not do what we used to before, (like travelling freely, attending big celebrations with friends or going to the cinema), but we also can’t go out without one essential accessory – the 3D printed COVID 19 mask. 

We like to call it ‘an accessory’ because it’s easier to think of the mask as a fashion item rather than medical aid. Try matching your clothes and mask, for instance, and you’ll see how your day will immediately become brighter. But, let’s get back to our topic.

For some people, masks were part of everyday routine long before the COVID 19 crisis occurred. If somehow, you cannot guess, we’ll drop you a hint. They spend hours and hours every day in surgical rooms, trying to save the lives of our family, friends, and so on. That’s why we think they deserve the best possible equipment to protect themselves from coronavirus.

Moreover, during this outbreak, in many countries, medical staff didn’t even have enough masks, which resulted in some of them getting sick. Modern science still doesn’t have an adequate answer to coronavirus. At this point, the only thing we can do is to protect ourselves by wearing a mask, washing our hands frequently, and keeping the appropriate distance.

There are many ways an individual can help to overcome this pandemic, and one of them is to produce and donate masks to those who can’t afford them. Owning a 3D printer can be crucial in this fight, because there is more than one STL file online, that you can use to print a 3D printed COVID 19 mask.

Wearing a mask is vital at this point.

We believe in the power of unity more than ever. Every individual must find its way to help society and be a part of a more significant cause. Whether you choose to use the 3D printer to make a 3D printed COVID 19 mask, the scalpel to safe lives, or a laptop to fight the global economic crisis, wear a mask and keep everyone safe. 

In the next segment of this blog post, we want to remind you of the five most important reasons why you should wear a mask. 


TOP 5 Reasons Why You Should Wear a 3D Printed COVID 19 Mask

  1. Wearing a mask literally saves lives.

You know it, we know it, everybody does. If fewer people are infected, less severe cases of COVID 19 infection will be out there, which means that fewer people will die. So, if you always wanted to save lives, now it’s your chance!

  1. It’s ignorant to make other people sick. 

If you cough, sneeze, or just feel under the weather, it’s wiser for you to stay at home. There’s no better or simpler way to tell this: as human beings, we carry a lot of germs, some of them are very contagious, and some are not, but either way, we should be cautious around other people.

  1. Be a leader in your community.

You probably know a lot of people in your community who don’t wear a mask at all, or they do it wrong (covering only their mouths, or wearing it around their arms in case they “need” it). Don’t wait for others to change; be the change! If you have a 3D printer, use it for a good cause. 

  1. You want everything to go back to normal.

We all want our lives to go back to normal, right? Then we all have to think about others, and not only about ourselves. Restaurants, theatres, cinemas, etc. can’t work unless things get under control. Many people will lose their jobs, and small businesses won’t be able to work if we’re in the constant threat of getting infected. Wear a mask and your favorite local coffee shop, hairdresser, or pasta place will stay open, and you’ll be able to support them every day. Let’s take care of each other!

  1. Kids must go back to schools and kindergartens.

The best way to keep kids safe, and corona free, is to make sure that the level of the COVID19 virus is low in each community. Economy, health, and schools are in this together! Besides, as a society, we must learn that nothing will work unless solidarity becomes our main priority.

Do your part! Wear a 3D printed COVID 19 Mask!

Do your part! Wear a 3D printed COVID 19 Mask!


Be the change!

If we managed to inspire you and to make you take action, we couldn’t be happier

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