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Clicking on this article means you have either already acquired your own Indigo or contemplating getting one. In the first case, congratulations! You have an all-around great tool by your side, that doesn’t just do the job, but gets through it with flying colors. In the second case, trust me, you are on the right track. 


There are a  million things you can create with this panther. Here, I am going to propose just a handful of ideas for 3D printing projects to get your imagination going. So, whether you belong to the first category and you are already curious about how to best use this awesome machine that right now sits by your side, or you belong to the second group and want to join in the fun,  lie back and stay with me to find out why choosing Indigo was (and will be) a great decision.


Why indigo


Indigo was made with the ones who wish to get familiar with the mesmerizing world of 3D printing in mind. With a print volume of 220 x 220 x 250mm  and a maximum print speed of 180 mm/s, Marlin firmware and connectivity with micro SD card and USB, Indigo includes all that is needed to bring your ideas to life, offering exactly the right characteristics to accommodate a huge spectrum of needs.  This means that, even though this printer was developed  with the starter user in mind, we in 3D Panther  trust that this printer is an all-around great device for most out there, whether they are 3D printer enthusiasts, small businesses, or simply individuals who are just curious and are looking for a new creative hobby. In other words, while remaining a simple and user-friendly machine, Indigo will suit even the most demanding tastes.

But wait. There’s more. At the price of 349 €, Indigo is a complete starter package, meaning it comes with filament (you heard it!), an ebook to get you started and much, much more . A total steal, if you ask me. 

But of course, at the end of the day, no matter how powerful the tool is, it is always the mind and hand operating it that really matters. In this vast and exciting jungle that the 3D printing world is, it is sometimes easy to get lost among the countless options. That’s why I have tried to pick out and propose some 3D printing projects that I find super cool.  Although this list doesn’t even begin to cover the endless possibilities. I hope it will prove helpful in sparking your imagination and helping you utilize this awesome tool in the best way possible. So, without further ado, let’s see how people have used their 3D printers for such projects. 


3D Printing Project No1: Garden Decorations


Are you a nature lover? Do you need to have some sort of greenery around you, be that the woods that surround your beautiful cottage in the Alps or just a small fenced yard that can take your mind away from the urban landscape around you? Do you feel like technology does not necessarily have to take us further and further from mother earth, but can be utilized to help bring us back to our roots, instead?

If the answer is yes, yes, and yes, what a better way to start off this list with garden decorations as our first suggested 3D printing project. Gardens are a lovely thing, but you know that already if you have your own. 3D printers can help your own unique personality shine more in your small haven. You can print all sorts of personalized objects to put around your plants, like birdhouses, flower pots, and water droppers. 


3D Printing Project No2: Create a Desktop Organizer 


I don’t know about you, but I love stationery. Pens, pencils, erasers, sticky notes, and so on. I could stare at them forever in the stores and can’t seem to stop purchasing them, even though I have plenty back home. And because of that, my desk is always on the verge of being a place that is the exact opposite of what it’s supposed to be: a space to sit down and work. That’s why I also have a love for desktop organizers. Not only do they look fancy, but they also actually help fix this mess, and give me a false sense that I have my life, and not just my stationery, together.

User Byzantium 3D created a desktop organizer and has posted a guide on how you can also create your own on Thinkingverse. It’s a pretty cool idea,  an equally cool design, and so 3D Panther- approved! 


3D Printing Project No3: Drink Coasters


Another cool idea, this time by Thinkingverse user Raimon Elctrncs.  Why not entertain yourself and also your guests by serving them a cup of tea or coffee placed on an epic looking coaster? This user chose to design the Celtic tree of life, which also inspired user Shadowkrazee to create an accompanying holder. They both have posted directions for you to follow and create the same design, but you can always use your printer to let your own personality shine. Maybe you are a fan of “My Little Pony” or “Game of Thrones”, maybe you want a detailed textured portrait of your cat or yourself on your coaster. It’s entirely up to you! Indigo will deliver either way.

Personalize Your Drink Coaster With Alfie, Photo by Luke Porter on Unsplash


3D Printing Project No4: Face Masks Strap Holders


COVID 19 has been with us for a while now. Getting through this distressing period has been very tough for everyone and extremely devastating to almost all aspects of our lives. How do we best fight this? Staying positive during these hard times is a challenge itself, yet probably also the best way to deal with the situation. On that note, creativity can be a way out of this struggle. It can be a way to fight for our sanity.

But what about the fight against the virus itself? Can 3D printers help with that as well? The truth is, we would be seriously disappointed if the answer was negative. We have already seen how people created face masks with their 3D printers (and here is how you can print your own ).  

        Woman Wearing a Face Mask, Photo by Thomas de LUZE on Unsplash


It is best for everyone if we all wear our face maks. They are not the most comfortable thing in the world, I know. But most of us don’t even have to wear them for that long. What about the nurses, doctors, and other essential workers that have to wear them for the whole day (and night)? We have witnessed how painful this is. So, someone came up with an idea to make masks a bit more comfortable, and here come the strap holders. Those can be created in many ways, including  3D printing, of course. You can create a bunch of these like people already do, and help ease the lives of the ones who stand on the front line against this pandemic. We can all fight, each of us in our own way. 


3D Printing Project No5: Samurai Masks


Speaking of face masks, here is another cool trend that has emerged on Reddit. Samurai face masks! Those won’t keep you safe from COVID 19, but they might protect you against the Mongol Empire (bad attempt at even worse humor, I know, and I’m sorry). Inspired by PS4 game Ghost of Tsushima, and the protagonist Jin Sakai (Daisuke Tsuji) who is a samurai warrior and wears a traditional samurai mask, fans of the game have been 3D printing their own. Take this super cool one for example. Or this one. 


3D Printing Project No6:  Molds


Would you be interested in decorating your bathroom with a row of soaps in the form of pickle Rick? Or maybe you like your soap to come in its usual rectangular shape but still want a cool twist on it, like David Fincher’s Fight Club logo

Molds might initially seem like an unassuming idea, but the truth is that they make an awesome 3D printing project, again exactly because of the promised variety. They can be used for a series of materials, like chocolate for example, or, well, soap. And they can have the shape of anything, from a super basic heart to Pickle Rick from CN’s Rick and Morty. This sort of DIY project should be easy peasy for your Indigo. 


3D Printing Project No7: Nintendo Cartridge Case


This one is very specific, but let me just assume that most of you out there reading this article are familiar with Nintendo Switch (if that is not the case, let me then assume that you live under a rock). Many of you might as well own one. If you do, you might know that some fans have criticized the size of the cartridge case for being monstrously big compared to the actual cartridge inside. You might be one of those criticizers, as well. 

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch, Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash


Among others, Thingiverse user Bokix has uploaded instructions on how to create a mini Nintendo cartridge case that is just slightly bigger than the card. Here is a video provided by Youtuber KIM BMO that shows the whole process (turn the subtitles on if you don’t speak Korean). 

Your mini 3D printed DIY case can also be used as a keychain if you like. It is small, adorable, and doesn’t take up a lot of space. I wish they were official and not just 3D printing projects for us customers, but oh, well. Anyways, this mini cartridge case idea is probably my favorite on this list. 


3D Printing Project No8: A Cool Display For Your Figurines


Last but not least, a display to show the world your love for mini things. A Thingiverse user created their version in the shape of bee brood cells, which looks great if you ask me. If you are a collector of figurines, this is an excellent way not only to organize them, but also to decorate your walls. 


3D printing  project No9: Bag Clips


We are taking a turn towards something a bit more practical now. 3D printed bag clips, hurray! 

Yeah, I know, it does not sound exciting, especially not when it comes right after Nintendo games. But, hear me out! Bag clips are awesome if you are an adult person living away from your parents and wish to maintain a healthy diet, full of veggies and fruit and freshness, and if you generally want to keep your kitchen organized. No more spilled rice or oatmeal! No more cheese-smelling refrigerator! Of course, bag clips won’t pay the rent or the bills, and I highly doubt they can help you become an overall functioning adult.  But you can deceive others into believing that you are one! I know I would think I am dealing with somebody who has their life together if I saw them using bag clips. Just sayin’.

Whether you are looking to deceive yourself or others, the instructions for the clips can be found here. All jokes aside though, I think these would be some of the first things I would try to create if I had a 3D printer. 


3D printing project No10: Your Own Face


Turning your face into a 3D printing project sounds a bit ghoulish, or is it just me? I’m not talking about makeup projects, although this idea I present you here does involve makeup.  Rather, I am talking about printing a mask of your whole actual face. Someone has done it already, and their friend posted about it on Reddit. It’s a pretty cool idea, although more suitable for Halloween and the likes. Unless you want to celebrate Halloween every day. In that case, cheers to you! 

No mask is creepier than a mask of a real human face, Photo by Mikita Yo on Unsplash


Did any of these 3D printing projects interest you? Which one would you like to create with your panther? I would love to hear from you in the comments down below. 


Have you already started giving shape to your ideas using our Indigo? Or have you maybe decided that it is time you got your hands on one? Either way, make sure to find us on Instagram and Facebook and make sure to let us see your awesome creations. Your creativity empowers us!